12 Astrological Zodiac Sign Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Zodiac sign tattoo symbols are gaining much popularity these days. The most fascinating thing about zodiac sign tattoo designs with meanings is that both old-fashioned (orthodox belief) and modernized (high-thinking) people are crazy to get such images inked on their bodies just to show the world a bit about themselves and their personality.

In total, there are 12 Zodiac signs and each one of them governs our mood, style and personality in a different way. Well! I am one among such persons who have extreme faith in zodiac signs as it gives me an opportunity to show These 10 Simple Tattoos With sophisticated Meaning must be known if you are planning to get inked anytime sooner. This would surely help you in choosing or customizing any tattoo design. what I am to the outside world and after all who doesn’t want to flaunt such cool piece of art.

Astrological Zodiac Sign Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Guys! Isn’t it, analyzing someone’s personality traits and seeing how it affects your relationship with that person is a great skill to have? Yes off course, why not! The study of Zodiac signs is a great thing in this way that helps you in your social life, allows you to better understand yourself and direct how to work with people of other personality types from time to time.

The 12 signs are as follows –

Aries Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!

Aries is the first astrological zodiac sign which belongs to those who are born on or between the dates of March 21st through April 19th. Its symbol is the head of the animal. An Aries person expresses two kinds of characteristics: Negative – selfishness and intolerance, Positive – Courageous, bold and free thinking.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!

Taurus is the second among astrological zodiac sign tattoo designs with meanings. It’s represented by the image of a bull and stands for those who are born from April 19 to May 21. Taurus people can be warm hearted, stubborn and capable of taking their own decisions without relying on anybody for help.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!

Gemini zodiac tattoo design is for those who are born on or between the dates of May 22nd to June 21st. Its symbol is a pair of twins and is usually associated with positive manners, cool ideas and creative thinking. Gemini tattoo symbol is suitable both for men and women.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!

It’s the forth sign on the horoscope chart and stands for those who are born in between dates of June 22 to July 22. Well, crab is the animal that represents the cancer sign. Cancers can be moody, imaginative, complex and emotional.

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!

It’s the fifth horoscope zodiac sign that is ruled by the Sun. Leo’s are born in between July 23 to August 22. They are quite confident, loyal, broad minded, faithful and generous. The Lion is the animal symbolizing the Leo sign.

Virgo Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!

It’s the only sign among 12 signs of the zodiac that is represented by a woman. The traditional colors of this tattoo symbol are dark brown and green. Its symbol is the virgin that represents intelligence, reliability and modesty.

Libra Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!

The seventh zodiac sign suitable for both men and women is Libra which is ruled by Venus. The people with this sign are born from September 23 to October 22. Its symbol is balanced scales and Libra people are mostly diplomatic, easy going and helpful.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!

Scorpio is the most profound and powerful zodiac sign tattoo designs with meanings. This tattoo symbol stands for those born between the dates of Oct 24 to Nov 21. Some of the common strong points that scorpions share are determination, power and magnetism.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!

Sagittarian’s are very optimistic. People born under this sign doesn’t prefer doing household work whereas, they are very good in dealing with negative people as they have ability to somehow find positivity in worst to worst situations. Here are some Geometric tattoo designs and ideas that give a perfect new fresh look to your body and you will be able to think in a positive way. 

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!    

This is the tenth sign of the zodiac. If your sign is Capricorn, then you be born between the dates of Dec 22 to Jan19. The symbol of the Capricorn zodiac sign is sea-goat and it represent knees of the body part. Capricorns are ambitious, practical, determined and helpful.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!

The ultimate symbol of this eleventh zodiac sign tattoo design is the water bearer. A person born between January 20 and February 18 falls under this sign. Aquarians are always expressive, friendly and extroverted. They find great pleasure in knowing about others.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design!

Pieces ranks among last horoscope zodiac sign tattoo designs with meanings. People born from February 19 to March 20 are a part of this zodiac sign. The fish is the symbol of Pisces zodiac sign. People with the Pisces sun sign are original, loyal and rational. The best feature about pleasant floral tattoo ideas for girls is that they can easily mix up with other designs. Some common designs are – flowers with skull, birds with cherry blossom etc.

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It can be rightly mentioned at last that zodiac sign tattoos not only symbolizes date of birth but are also said to represent the attitudes of a person. Though these 12 zodiac sign tattoo designs with meanings are very different from one another, but each zodiac sign has few characteristics that are displayed by us (the humans) born under that sign. However, the fun part about zodiac sign tattoo designs is in finding the ways to take traditional, stylish designs and alter few changes to make them more personalized!!

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