Baking Hacks: Genius DIY Life Hacks For Kitchen

We all know kitchen is the heart of our home where we love spending most of our time. But, nowadays kitchen have taken new modern look and decorating kitchen has become a major and difficult task to accomplish. That’s true that a well-organized and tidy kitchen will always ease your cooking skills. However, the placement of crockery items, kitchen tools and utensils can be tricky sometimes, especially for kitchens with less space. But don’t worry there are many genius DIY life hacks for kitchen that will help you to keep your kitchen upgraded with latest technologies and makes cooking pleasant.

Yes, BAKING IS NOT AN EASY WORK and nothing sounds better than a homemade baked food, do you agree with me? From prepping food to mixing to cutting and serving hot, we also seek for a little help in our kitchen, right! Here are mouthwatering healthy meat dishes features prominently in various cuisines across the globe such as – from American Hamburgers and British morning toasts to the Indian Lamb curries. Some of the best DIY baking hacks listed below are intended to make your life easier and yeah, you’ll become a better baker.

Baking Hacks: Genius DIY Life Hacks For Kitchen

Heat the Knife for Perfect Brownies and Cakes!

Are you curious to know how to get picture-perfect presentation for your cheesy cake slices or brownies? It’s easy, run the knife under hot water for 1-2 minutes, dry off and then slice. The heated knife will serve clean and easy slices in few seconds.

Place Warm Eggs in Water!

It’s one of the easiest baking hacks! If you want to prepare a recipe which calls for room temperature eggs? Get eggs out from the refrigerator and place them in warm water for few minutes to get them down to room temperature, but faster!

Use Wine Bottle as a Rolling Pin!

Are you unable to find your rolling pin? Grab a wine bottle. It’s considered as genius DIY life hacks for kitchen because the wine bottle doubles the fun of great rolling pin when you don’t have one of your own! To be a true carb champion – Friends! You need to make maximum use of ways to use cauliflower as a low-carb replacement.

Ripen Your Bananas, Fast!

Suppose you want to make banana bread but only have green bananas? What will you do? Make them soft by roasting the whole bananas at 300 degree temp in oven until dark brown. You’ll get perfect bananas for bread and cakes.

Soften Brown Sugar In Seconds!

If your brown sugar has turned hard as a rock, don’t panic…there is still hope! Place your brown sugar in the microwave, cover it with a wet paper towel, microwave for 30 seconds and sugar will turn soft. Interestingly, it’s among top genius DIY life hacks for kitchen.

Get your Hands Wet to Work Freely!

When you’re making a sticky recipe that is supposed to be formed into a precise shape by hands like – fudge and granola bars, get your hands wet first! Doing this, won’t allow food to stick to your fingers and it becomes easier to give the food proper shape!

Leave the Batter Open for Few Minutes before placing it in Oven!

After you have filled your cake pan with batter, make sure to leave it for few minutes before placing it straight away in oven. This will release the bubbles and proved to be one of the finest baking hacks that in turns help the cake to bake more evenly in oven. To help those who look beyond the ordinary and feel the importance of leaving an indelible impression in the minds of guests and inmates alike, Here’s taking a look at few innovative, smart and creative food plating ideas. These are real steals!

So, which of these genius DIY life hacks for kitchen will you try first? Well, we understand that some dishes are made with hard work and sweat but, if you try these hacks you can really skip the hard work point and get the good results easily. These baking hacks really save your valuable time, avoid severe headache in the kitchen and you’ll never feel like escaping from your own kitchen!!

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