7 Crazy Kitchen Hacks That You Must Try

For housewives, the kitchen is perhaps their favourite room in the house while for many of us, it is a place where all the good aromas and feelings originate. If you’re a foodie just like me then, this is the place your appetite belongs from.

Tricks to make things simpler in kitchen

There are many little things in a kitchen that probably we’ve been doing in a complex way. To simplify them, I’ve come up with some crazy kitchen hacks that you must try. I am sure after reading them, you would be like “Why didn’t I think of that before?”. Here are a few Amazing Cooking Hacks for Working Women that you can resort to. These will help you rustle up a meal faster. All you need is a little bit of preparation and planning. These crazy kitchen hacks that you must try will make your time spent in the kitchen much more organised and effective. So, let’s not waste time and let me introduce you to my crazy kitchen hacks that you must try.

Crazy Kitchen Hacks That You Must Try

Using a glass to peel a slice of ripe mango

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Are you having difficulty in peeling a mango slice for shakes and deserts? Apparently, it can be difficult to peel as this delicious fruit is slippery from inside. But you can easily peel them off using a glass. All you have to do is put the tip of mango slice at the edges of the glass and slide it off. You have to take care of avoiding the stone in the centre. A ripe Mango is soft and hence the glass will slide through it and give you the pulp easily.

Use a glass to peel off a boiled egg not your fingers

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Again, the glass can be useful for peeling a boiled egg. All you have to do is put the egg in the glass, fill some water in a glass and shake the glass gently in a vertical position. Within few minutes the egg shell will be separated from the egg and you have your fingers saved from burns.

A balance wooden spoon will save the pot of water from boiling over

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Often you make a huge in boiling water when you forget the pot of water you’ve put for boiling. By keeping a wooden spoon balanced across that pot will reduce the heat tension and stop it from boiling over.

A clean way to cut a watermelon into handy pieces

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Perhaps, your face and chin are messed up with watermelon juice, when slicing it into wide wedges. But instead of this conventional way better cut the watermelon in half and then slice it in a grid style. Check out some easy ways to become a cauliflower ninja! Here, we present some incredible dishes you can make with cauliflower instead of those traditional carbs you’re used to. 

Using an apple slicer to make fry sized slices of potatoes

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It takes a lot of time to slice potatoes with a knife. Also, if you are bad at cooking then probably you will slice uneven pieces. By using Apple not only you will save time but also have uniform slices of potatoes.

Easy garlic peeling

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Peeling garlic not only spoils your time but your nails too. In this trick, you have to first smash the garlic with a dish. Afterwards, you can put the smashed garlic in a box and shake them for a while. Eventually, separate the garlic from skins.

Cut cakes and other soft foods with silk threads/floss

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Stop messing up with soft foods like cakes, cheeses, cinnamon rolls etc. using a knife. Use silk threads to neatly cut them into uniform pieces.

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Here are Some of the best DIY baking hacks listed below are intended to make your life easier and yeah, you’ll become a better baker. This was all in crazy kitchen hacks that you must try. Follow them to make things easier in the kitchen. The only difficult part with these hacks is forbidding self from eating before guests.

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