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10 Tips A Photographer Must Follow At Weddings

10 Tips A Photographer Must Follow At Weddings

Wedding photography is not an easy task, perhaps it is the most stressful and difficult work to perform because it is a very special occasion of a person’s life and the shooting of each and every ceremony must be a phenomenal hit. You never get a chance to re-shoot the whole event again ever in

Top 10 Best Painters of 21st Century

Painting is one of those arts which are accepted and recognized world-wide. There are huge numbers of painters in the world although only few climb the ladder of success swiftly and in a unique way. Painting is somewhere an enjoyment and it means creating renaissance in a remarkable way in the 21st Century. Number of

45 Easy To Cook Summer Food Ideas

There are some food recipes which fit only for a particular season.  The summer time requires dishes that do not need much processing. Moreover, one must not prefer warm food items during this season. Let us check out some simple and easy summer food recipes that will help you treat your friends and family members.