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45 Examples and Tips About Abstract Painting

45 Examples and Tips About Abstract Painting

Art has no boundaries and there are a number of art forms that exist in today’s world. One can easily quote that, art has transformed over the years but the basic essence still breathes within. As you travel around the world you will find different techniques and methods which are used to create art. There

40 Beautiful Oil Pastel Paintings

Oil pastels may not be a demanding art form but it is a very popular medium among the artists all over the world. In terms of the other various art forms, oil pastels is very new and a modern medium of art. The most amazing part of oil pastels is that it combines the ease

40 Beautiful Examples of Backlit Paper Art

Light is the source of everything in this earth. We can’t even stay few minutes without light. So we can say that light is one of the most vital part of your life. Now when we talk the same in the eyes of art, it is said that light is always essential for creating different