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40 Best Canvas Painting Ideas For Beginners

40 Best Canvas Painting Ideas For Beginners

Beginner level painters have a tough time deciding on what to paint. The easy subjects are generally too easy to feel great about painting them, and the difficult compositions are way too difficult to be attempted. So, they need painting ideas that are simple yet value-packed. Compositions that are easy to create can be informative

40 Hallucinating Abstract Illusion Paintings

What do you think art does? Puts you into thoughts? Yes! Makes you feel happy? Yes! Compels you to appreciate creativity! Yes! Hallucinate? Hell yes! And did we say yes to the last question? Yes, we did! There are many paintings that can create such amazing optical illusions that you would almost witness hallucination. And

Painting Realistic Animals on Rock (Step by Step Guide for Beginners)

There are hundreds of different ways to create art. While some people prefer routine ways, others love to keep things unique. If you belong to the latter category, you will probably appreciate rock painting. Although there are many ways to paint rocks, the most interesting one involves animals- not as your painting partners, but as