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Improve your Night Photography: Foreground Lighting

Improve your Night Photography: Foreground Lighting

Do you have a passion for photography and regret the pack ups when the sun goes down? If yes, it is time to smile then. You can continue clicking beautiful shots even in the absence of sun with some professional tips. These tips will surely help you to Improve your Night Photography. It is necessary

45 Beautiful Examples of Architecture Photography

Architecture is all around us. Yes! Every building, every walkway, every bridge, every monument is some sort of architecture only. Today in this post you’ll find beautiful examples of architecture photography that will really amaze you. Interestingly, architectural photography is a careful balance between the aesthetic and accurate. The varying patterns, shapes, designs and lines

45 Fascinating Secret World of Squirrels

Squirrels are an endless source of entertainment. They race along wires and fences, dig up gardens, steal vegetables and often chase another squirrel out of their territory. Their bushy tails and charming faces make squirrels look like superheroes of today. To have a better understanding of the mystery behind the fascinating secret world of squirrels,