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40 Beautiful Acrylic Portrait Paintings Ideas

40 Beautiful Acrylic Portrait Paintings Ideas

It’s fun to work with acrylic colors. While a lot of artists love painting flowers and sceneries using this variety of color, a few try out portraits too. There are hundreds of reasons why you should try painting portraits with acrylic colors, but the kind of edge acrylic paint offers to a portrait is probably

40 Artistic Abstract Painting Ideas for Beginners

The demand for abstract paintings has risen manifold over the years. Gone are the days, when paintings needed to have a definite subject to be popular, the scene is totally different today. People don’t really want paintings of gods and goddesses to adorn their living room, they have begun to appreciate abstract art and do

45 Advanced Abstract Painting Techniques And Ideas

Abstract paintings are the imagination with intelligence. One might see scrambled lines and tangled shapes in the abstract painting, but it needs the special power of vision to understand an abstract painting. As an artist, you must have understood this while going from beginner level to advanced level. Did you try beginner level abstract painting