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Top 10 Largest Statues of Buddha Around The World

Top 10 Largest Statues of Buddha Around The World

Buddhism is a popular faith, and there is no denying this. Its ways are unique and it encourages people to look at life and the world in a pretty practical way. And that is probably the reason why the followers of this faith are not concentrated in the area of its origin alone, it is


10 Places To Visit In London

Want to fly to a land that’s layered with individualistic luxury and sleek sophistication? A beautiful mirage of opulence, alive, yes!! London, with its signature touch imbibes a heavy dose of anxiety into globetrotter’s heart. The city of London has everything for everyone. Whether you are a history lover, adventure enthusiast or a free spirit,


10 Most Important Things to do in Hawaii

Want to fling to a territory that presents a new spark? Willing to dig deep into the treaded waters of opportunities? If you answered yes, then an insight of Hawaii is worth giving a shot. Hawaii, an isolated U.S state is a must-visit destination for all globetrotters. From the intuitive power of active volcano to